Soap Brush

Bike Medicine SoapBrush
Bike Medicine SoapBrush

The Bike Medicine SoapBrush is used to transport a large amount of water from the wash bucket to the bike.

It is a long lasting industrial grade brush with a durable handle and Tampico bristles, designed for a long service life.

At Bike Medicine, we use our SoapBrush during the final washdown step for all parts of the bike. During the final washdown, we use regular liquid dishwashing detergent and water in a bucket. It helps remove most of the dirt and debris from the bike, while not attacking the finish or parts.

After your bike wash is complete, be sure to rinse off the brush to keep it in good condition. The SoapBrush is not for use with degreaser, lubricants or solvents.

Do not use it for a dirty drivetrain. It is for the final steps in a bike wash procedure.

Bike Medicine SoapBrush


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