Pro Bike Wash

The following bike cleaning procedure is used by many professional race team mechanics.

The Pro Bike Wash was developed over many years as a solution to the need for absolutely clean, properly adjusted bikes on the start line each morning of a stage race. Most pro team mechanics can perform the entire pro bike wash in under 8 minutes, with a minimum of cleaning tools. They usually work in teams of two, one washes, the other dries, reassembles and waxes. Often, handlebar tape needs to be changed as well.

Bike Medicine has developed a custom blended, super-efficient and ultra fast industrial grade degreaser. Our Golden Degreaser is available in 8 ounce bottles, enough for about 16 bike cleanings. Only 1/2 ounce of Golden Degreaser is required to treat the average road or MTB drivetrain!

Avoid caustic degreasers with anything like Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chlorides or Benzalkonium Chloride in their mixture.

The caustic cleaners can destroy the finish on components very quickly. While many consumer degreasers or cleaners may say they have a citrus component, they also can contain a compound that is totally destructive to the anodizing on cranks and many bike finishes. Test any degreaser on a section of an old or discarded bike part first. Please be careful!!!

Important: We try to restrict the contact time to no more than two minutes when using citrus degreasers as they can attack the paint finish on your bike.

Many degreasers are also sold as graffiti removers, and that is paint! Please be careful!

The Bike Medicine Chainholder is our favorite. There is very little to wear out and it resists most all chemicals that we have used it with. Check with your local bike shop for availability.

Feedback Sports makes professional quality workstands that really speed up maintenance and bike cleaning. For working away from the shop, they are very handy. Our Favorite!

The right brushes are the key to efficient bike cleaning. Our SpeedBrush is designed to work quickly on all parts of the drivetrain. We like Tampico bristles on our SoapBrush for carrying water onto the bike. Plus the soft bristles will not scratch the bike finish.

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