Our Lubrication Theory

How Purple Extreme and EP Ultra Work

At Bike medicine, our lubrication theory is that a proper product for use on a bicycle drive train runs clean and reduces wear for the expected life of the application.

Purple Extreme and EP Ultra are Extreme Pressure Additive lubricants blended with a fast penetrating solvent carrier.

In modern lubricants, it is the Extreme Pressure Additives that really do the work. The stronger the Extreme Pressure Additive, the greater the film strength will be. Film Strength is the ability of a lubricant to keep two surfaces separated under pressure and motion and that is called friction.

The bicycle is an open gear mechanism. It is totally exposed to the environment you ride through.

If you use a lubricant that is viscous or sticky, grit and other material will get blown back by the front wheel and will adhere to your drivetrain parts. The foreign material will eventually work its way into the chain and also coat the other parts. Now you are lubricating with sandpaper! The result is greater wear, filth and plenty of ruined clothing. Bike Medicine has taken a different approach to bicycle lubrication. We found the best industrial open gear lubricants made, tweaked the formulas for use on bikes, until we were satisfied. The result was Purple Extreme in 2005 and EP Ultra in 2019. Both are still unmatched in performance and fit perfectly within our lubrication theory.

To have Purple Extreme or EP Ultra work correctly, first, thoroughly degrease, wash and dry your drivetrain. The cleaner you start, the better it will work.

For absolutely best mileage, performance and wear protection, allow Purple Extreme or EP Ultra to dry and bond overnight after application. That way the solvent can evaporate completely and you get the full benefit of an extreme pressure dry film lubricant.

The average road or mountain bike requires about ¼ ounce per application. Purple Extreme or EP Ultra can easily be applied by flowing a small controlled stream onto your chain as the cranks are rotated. The unique carrier in the lubricants allow them to flow between all of the parts of the chain. Wipe up the excess with a paper towel or cloth. Remember, it’s what’s inside the chain that counts.

Clean your drivetrain very thoroughly, before using Purple Extreme or EP Ultra!

The solvent in Purple Extreme and EP Ultra will dissolve other lubricants and cause them to move to the surface of your chain and cogs. This will make a real mess.

After cleaning, run the chain through your hand. If you see any black film or other deposits coming out of your chain, clean it again. Some lubes are rather stubborn in sticking to metal parts, trapping grit and dirt.

Once Purple Extreme or EP Ultra are applied, the carrier evaporates, leaving a tenacious, dry, wax-like film. This non-tacky film effectively minimizes the collection of abrasive road dust, mud, salt or other particles. The extreme pressure properties of Purple Extreme and EP Ultra greatly reduce wear and effectively extend equipment life. Purple Extreme can lubricate up to 400°F (after carrying solvent has evaporated) and all the way down to -100°F. EP Ultra has been tested to work in similar temperature conditions. Plus, both provide excellent protection against rust and corrosion.

Gone are the days of the chainring tattoo on your leg, black greasy hands, or ruined upholstery from putting the bike into the car.

There is no wax, no oil, no PTFE, or anything else to attract dirt and create a filthy drivetrain. The lubrication film in both EP Ultra and Purple Extreme is so sheer, you will hardly see it on your chain. But, you will notice the quiet running, total dirt resistance and lack of the grime that most other lubes leave you with after just a few miles.

Purple Extreme and EP Ultra will change what you expect out of a bike lubricant forever! They are truly the next generation in performance, ease of use, equipment life, cleanliness and protection.

We want our customers to enjoy riding their bikes. Purple Extreme and EP Ultra keep your drivetrain running smooth and helps prevent premature wear. Call your local dealer and ask about the Bike Medicine advantage.

Bike Medicine makes Industrial Strength Lubrication and Products For Cycling!

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