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Bike Medicine offers a family of highly effective, industrial strength, lubrication and maintenance products for bicycles of all types.

Bike Medicine offers highly effective industrial strength lubrication and maintenance products for all types of bicycles. Shop now for PurpleExtreme, EPUltra, GoldenDegreaser, and more.

Bike Medicine was founded in 2005.

As a result of a lifetime of racing and many years of working on professional race teams it became obvious that it was time for a new concept in bicycle lubrication was long overdue. That was the reason for our first product, Purple Extreme. The solution seemed obvious to us.

What cyclists needed was a long lasting, clean running, friction reducing and all conditions chain and drivetrain lubrication.

Purple Extreme is an industrial open gear lubricant that outperforms any other product that we have ever tested it against. EP Ultra is a further refinement to the original concept that we developed Purple Extreme around. Both lubricants share a similar concept of lubrication formulation. Both are an Extreme Pressure Additive with a rapidly penetrating solvent. The solvent evaporates leaving the Extreme Pressure Additive in place to do the work of lubricating.

With the rise of the e-Bike in popularity, riders have become concerned with increased chain and drivetrain wear.

E-Bikes exert more torque than a conventional bike and can produce more wear pressure on the chain and gears.

The extreme pressure film strength capabilities of both Purple Extreme and EP Ultra will give you the lubrication confidence for any kind of bike, in any form of cycling.

Both lubricants have a history of success in heavy industries where the stress on equipment is many times greater than anything that a bicycle or even a motorcycle can produce. Purple Extreme and EP Ultra are lubrication confidence!

The problem is that a bicycle is an open gear mechanism.

It is completely open to whatever environment or conditions you ride through. Dry, wet, sandy, muddy, hot, cold, or anything else in between. Plus, it can be difficult to clean up all of the drivetrain parts. So, ease of cleanup is an important factor. Oil, wax, and most other popular chain lubricant ingredients attract and hold grit and dirt in place.

Eventually, these foreign materials work their way into the chain and then you are basically lubricating with sandpaper.

It does not take too long before the chain, cassette cogs and chainrings suffer from premature wear. Cleaning the bike every day is not practical for most riders. That is a luxury reserved for professional race teams where the mechanics service each bike every day during an event. That leaves the average rider with a real dilemma.

Since most bicycle lubricants don’t last for more than a hundred miles and have little environmental resistance, often people lubricate every day they ride.

This leads to a very dirty drivetrain, with grit adhering because of viscosity which makes all of the surfaces sticky. Again, you are lubricating with sandpaper. Plus, every time your leg or clothing touches the chain or a gear, there is a tattoo. Our Golden Degreaser is formulated to speed up drivetrain cleanings, no matter what method you use.

We have dedicated our company, Bike Medicine to producing industrial strength products for cycling and bicycles of all types that perform at the highest level possible.

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Finally, there is a high level cycling technical skills, training, and safety learning experience for the recreational, fitness and corporate cyclists! Perfect for beginners and experienced riders too!

It’s not just a camp, it is cycling school for all levels!

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