Purple Extreme

Purple Extreme 4 Ounce Bottle
Purple Extreme 4 Ounce Bottle
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Purple Extreme was originally formulated to protect drive chains in the mining business and on offshore oil rigs, in some the harshest conditions imaginable, for months at a time.


Purple Extreme Chain Lubricant is an advanced, high performance, synthetic bike chain lubricant. It provides excellent protection for chains, open gears and exposed metal surfaces subjected to severe loading. In addition, it works extremely well even in abrasive, cold, wet or acidic environments. Purple Extreme’s Extreme Pressure Additive technology forms a slippery, super-tough, synthetic film on metal surfaces that protects drivetrain parts far beyond the ability of conventional oils or waxes.

Purple Extreme does not use  wax for lubrication, there is no oil, no PTFE, or anything else to attract dirt and create a filthy drivetrain. The Extreme Pressure Additive is what does the work and creates the film strength. Purple Extreme is the superior chain lube for road, gravel, mountain, e-bikes, BMX, or cross bikes.

For absolutely best mileage, performance and wear protection, allow Purple Extreme to dry and bond overnight after application. That way the solvent can evaporate completely and you get the full benefit of an extreme pressure dry film lubricant.

  • High Mileage Per Application – Most cyclists Experience 400+ Miles of Road Riding Between Applications of Purple Extreme.
  • Best Value For Your Money! One Bottle of Purple Extreme Provides Three or More Times the Mileage of Most Competing Products.
  • Runs Clean – Doesn’t Attract Dirt.
  • Originally Designed To Run Chains In Salt Water – Will Not Wash Off In Rain, Mud Or Snow.
  • Smooth Running – Reduces Drivetrain Noise
  • All Conditions Lubrication Security – Protects From Wear Up To 400° F. and Down To -100° F.
  • Does Not Harden in Cold Conditions.
  • Ultra High Film Strength – Prevents Metal To Metal Wear.
  • Stays In Place – Does Not Shed or Fling Off
  • Penetrates Quickly To All Parts Of The Chain.
  • Helps Prevent Corrosion – Stops Rust From Ruining Your Drivetrain
  • Perfect for use on e-Bikes with their increased torque and chainwear.

Purple Extreme Chain Lubricant  was originally formulated to protect drive chains in the mining business and on offshore oil rigs, in some the harshest conditions imaginable, for months at a time.

Purple Extreme has extremely high film strength, way beyond most conventional chain lubrication products available within the bicycle industry. The ability of a lubricant to keep two surfaces separated is called film strength. Our film strength is second to none.

The ASTM D 2782 test (Timken Extreme Pressure Test) is one of the laboratory methods used in determining the load carrying capacities of oils and greases. In this test, a Timken bearing cup is rotated against a steel block. The highest load under which a lubricant prevents scoring (caused by contact) of the steel block by the rotating cup is the reported value.

Our dare-to-compare live demonstrations using a Timken machine have consistently and conclusively proven Purple Extreme’s ability to keep metal surfaces separated. Purple Extreme has a Timken OK load in excess of 90. No other bicycle chain lubricant has ever exhibited film strength even remotely close to Purple Extreme. What does that mean to our customers? Simple, less wear.

Like an insurance policy, this extraordinary film strength provides extra protection for bearings and surfaces subjected to mechanical stresses. Your equipment lasts longer, runs smoother and cleaner, with less frequent applications of lubricant.

As bicycles make greater use of 11 and12-speed drivetrains, there is much less metal to carry the load. Choosing the right chain lubricant is more crucial than ever. Purple Extreme is the perfect lubricant to help extend the life of older components and make new equipment run even better… far into the future.

Don’t put your equipment at risk by being deceived with fashion lubricants. Having a grimy, black drivetrain, loaded with grit is still the ultimate pollution in cycling. It is a mess to even touch and the grit wears away metal with every pedal stroke.

PURPLE EXTREME prevents chainwear from the inside out!

When you add it all up, Purple Extreme is Lubrication Perfected!


Purple Extreme

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