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Hi there,

Just a quick note to follow-up my inquiry. Thank you for the samples you sent via "Bill" from "Valley Stove & Cycle". Although I have only a few rides under my belt with your lube it has already proven itself. My last ride with my "old" lube and my first ride with Purple Extreme were under very similar conditions, wet. My "old" wet lube vanished after a half hour, and I agonized at the sounds of sand grinding into my drivetrain ($$$). After carefully preparing the drivetrain I applied the PE, and allowed it to stand overnight. The next ride, same conditions, the chain looks and sounds the same as it did before the ride. Five rides later, I haven't touched the chain, it sounds and looks the same. As a matter of fact a friend was just in my basement looking at my bike, he asked if I had just cleaned the bike, the cassette, rings and chain are shiny.
I gave Bill the thumbs up. He is ordering three cases.
Thanks again,
Joe Price
Halifax, Nova Scotia

I recently had the opportunity to ride the Pittsburgh to DC bike path. The route starts with the Great Allegheny Passage and finishes with the C & O Canal Towpath. 320 miles of crushed limestone, gravel and a little mud. We had a fast group with a collection of mountain bikes, road bikes and cross bikes. Average pace was over 13 miles per hour on the trail.

After the first day of riding all my fellow bikers were grabbing rags and solvents to clean and lube their chains. I looked at my bike and the chain looked pretty clean since I had cleaned it prior to the ride and had used Purple Extreme. I had been using Purple Extreme on my road bikes for a couple of years and had good results.

I just assumed that my buddies had not cleaned their bikes prior to the ride and that was why their chains were so dirty. The next night everyone was running for rags again. I looked at my chain at it still seemed fairly clean. Then it hit me that I was the only one using Purple Extreme. By the third day (150) miles on the trail I started to feel guilty about not cleaning my chain so I spent a few minutes cleaning it up. It really was not that bad. My friends were using a combination of oil-based lubes and waxed based lubes. By the 4th day it was pretty clear that the only lube that kept the chain fairly clean was the Purple Extreme.

I suppose I should have shared the Purple Extreme with the other riders but I only had ¼ bottle with me and decided not to give it up! Keep in mind we had great conditions on the trail with no rain. The biggest problem was the dust from the limestone, gravel and dirt.

I liked Purple Extreme before the 320 miles of gravel but now I love it.
Chip Kamin
Pittsburgh PA

This is the Holy Grail of chain lubes.
It lubes, it stays totally clean, protects against rust, lasts a looong time, comes off easily and isn't toxic to use.

I have bought various types of lubes, made my own, but have NEVER found anything that compares with the purple stuff.

I ride in the Pacific Northwest, it's wet and gritty in the winter. The chain doesn't rust, doesn't pick up the chain-eating grit that destroys your drive train.
In summer I enjoy rides of one hundred to two hundred miles ( I'm a roadie) and having a lube that protects my expensive campy drive train no matter what the weather or the distance is priceless. THIS STUFF JUST WORKS!!!

I have found that to get the most protection and best lube from it, you need to get a new chain, clean it to pass the white glove test. After de-greasing the chain I wash it in detergent and rinse with very hot water. Pop the chain into the toaster oven to dry it and start lubing. Wipe it down as per the instructions, put it on the bike and go.

If you don't want to take care of your equipment and get top performance don't buy this product. Purple extreme requires you to use it JUST LIKE THEY TELL YOU. It is time
consuming, it is very anal, it's down right compulsive maintained disorder but it's the only way to get the incredible performance and money saving cleanliness that this stuff provides.

Thanks so much for a great lube.
Gears to you,
Leo Stone

I have used your product for the past 1.5 years and really like it. It works well and does last for approximately 400 miles as advertised. What I like best about it is the chain does not turn black and collect all that road gunk. I don't have to clean my chain as often, which is nice since I ride a recumbent.
John Edwards
Olympia, WA

I've been using Purple Extreme for over 3 years both on my road bike and my mountain bikes. It's the only chain lubricant that I use, summer or winter, road or mountain. I have used other products in the past and have not found anything that matches Purple Extreme.

Your lubricant won't quit, and doesn't "gunk up". I ride my bikes 2 to 3 days per week and one 4 oz. bottle of Purple Extreme lasted me over a year. Recently, when I ran out of Purple Extreme, I thought I might just go to my local bike shop and pick up whatever they had on the shelf. As soon as I picked up the leading brand, I put it back on the shelf. I couldn't bring myself to do buy brand X. I had to have Purple Extreme, so I called Bike Medicine directly.

I hope that Purple Extreme will gain popularity and be more readily available at the local bike shop level.
Scott Schriber
Roseville, CA

Purple Extreme works great. I was the Team Mechanic for Team Dirt-n-Skirtz at the 24 Hour Mountain Bike Nationals July 28 -29.
It was a composite team with 4 women from 4 different teams and 4 different style bikes. After degreasing the bikes with Golden Degreaser and using Purple Extreme on the drive-trains the bikes looked like new. After 24 hours the drive-trains looked better than when they got to the race. We had NO mechanical trouble, including NO shifting problems or chain wear. The Purple Extreme kept the drive-trains clean and quiet. Team Dirt-n-Skirtz are now the 24 Hour MTB National Champions.
I was so impressed with how it performed that I am now running it on my cyclocross bike.
Thanks for a great product,
Mike Wakeley
Team Kenda Tire

Hi there,
I've been meaning to do this for a while now, wow, what a procrastinator…
The first time I put Purple Extreme into a serious proving ground was during a 48hr Solo mtb race I did near the end of ’08 at McKinney Park, just outside of Dallas. Prior to this race I had never heard of Purple Extreme, until one of the mechanic’s at Sugar Cycles mentioned it as a good choice for the upcoming race. I raced for most of two days in conditions that ranged from 21 degrees Fahrenheit with steady 30MPH winds, all the way through to the typical hot and humid heat. The course was nearly all singletrack consisting of a mix of dust, dirt and sand. I think the conditions combined with the course terrain proved to be a good test of the abilities of Purple Extreme and it passed with flying colors. During all that racing I only reapplied lube twice. Under identical circumstances and using any of the other lubes I’ve used in the past, I’m sure I would have had to reapply lube at least 6-10 times during the race, depending on which lube I used.

Without a doubt, Purple Extreme is a fantastic product and I now use it for all my racing and training. Thanks for a great product!
Shaun Taylor

Yes! This is great stuff. I have used it for years and just love it. It's everything it's cracked up to be. Super thin so it really gets in to the chain and derailleurs and last for many, many miles. As a bonus, when it comes time to clean everything, it's not all caked up with oily globs of crud so cleaning is a cinch. This helps the drive train last longer, too. So do the math and you'll find that mile for mile it's a great deal. And the less time cleaning leaves more time for....riding!
Mark Thompson
Cycle University (Cycle U) Road Team
Seattle, WA

I first heard about your products 3 years ago at Hotter n Hell in Wichita Falls, Texas. The Bike Medicine crew was out in front of the Convention Center cleaning bikes. What stopped me was the crowd counting down for 6 seconds every time you folks cleaned each cassette. I could not believe it. Cleaning a whole bike in under 10 minutes was amazing. After buying the complete kit, I was able to do it in 14 minutes at home, the first time. Now I too can get it done in 10 minutes. To this day, every time I do a bike, I am still amazed at how well it works.

The Purple Extreme and Golden Degreaser are both in a class by themselves, real standout products in a market crowded with very mediocre quality offerings. I cannot imagine ever using any other cleaning or lube products. I have gotten addicted to a clean, quiet bike. Yes, I am getting much better chain and cassette life too.
Ben Williams
Manhattan, Kansas


I have biked my entire life, and can honestly say that your lube is the best I have ever used. I bought it 2 weeks ago and put on one small dose on both my mountain and road bikes. I have ridden 4 trails and 150 road miles, and there is not a trace of ANY dirt on either chain. Purple Extreme is quite possibly the best bike invention ever! (besides shocks, clipless pedals, and hydraulic brakes of course).
Thanks for putting all the research and effort in!
Cary Marger


I have found that Purple Extreme lube works well for most all weather and trail conditions. I have been using Purple Extreme for two years and have discovered that it cleans up nice and leaves less residue on my drive train. My drive train not only remains cleaner, but lasts approximately twice as long as it was using other lubricants that have been recommended by our bike shops. I accumulate approximately 4000 miles on my Elsworth Epiphany mountain bike annually and use this synthetic lube for various applications, which has contributed to the the long life and miles on my mountain bike. I use purple extreme lube on all pivots, shifters, derailleurs, cables/housing and on my SPD peddles. It really has improved the overall performance of my ride and my SPDs release on demand even in the red dusting conditions of Fruita.

Thanks for providing a reliable desirable MTB product.

Art Wilcoxon
Fruita, California


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