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" The advanced American bike chain lubricant Purple Extreme, receives a Gold Award in the June issue of What Mountain Bike (page 125).
Purple Extreme is a premium chain lube with remarkable endurance, x-country and road performance (in cables too) and has received extended testing in different UK conditions.

Yet another lube, but this time one that looks like backing up its claims. Impressive!
Performance - 9
Value - 9 (£9.95/bottle)

"New on the UK scene, Purple Extreme has been a well kept secret in the States and one that's been lying in the shadows of the big manufacturers. It's an advanced, high performance synthetic bike chain lubricant that was originally designed as an oil for underwater offshore drilling and hard rock mining. Purple Extreme runs chains in salt water and it will not wash off in rain, mud or snow. Neither does it attract dirt and it's environmentally friendly too. The bottles look homemade, and it says you can ride 400 miles between applications, but it seems the purple wonder liquid really does work. It's had a good reception in Scotland through a tough winter of testing and, although we haven't plugged 400 miles into our chain, the lube is outlasting its rivals and is still running smooth and clean. It's definitely grabbed our attention, so keep checking back as this is one for the long term tests."


Cycling Plus is Britain’s best-selling road cycling monthly magazine.


"You would think that a company that produces lubricants for some of the most hostile work environments in the world might well be in a good position to manufacture a lubricant for use on bicycle chains, and you'd be right. This stuff is wonderful, simple as that. A single drop on each roller of a freshly cleaned chain, and the result is a satisfyingly smooth and silent drive chain, which stays smooth and silent. You need very little of this lube on your chain, and it will stay in place, doing a great job for 300 miles easily. It's not sticky, doesn't attract dust, repels water, doesn't get pushed out or broken down by salts (winter road grit and rider sweat), and gives your chain a silky smooth feeling. We've just found what is probably the best chain lubricant we've ever used.

10/10 : Wonderful. Buy it, use it, apply every 300 miles."

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What Mountain Bike Selects Purple Extreme as Gear of the Year

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Mountain Biking UK Gave Purple Extreme another 10 out of 10!

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Mountain Bike Action Rated Purple Extreme and Golden Degreaser 4 Stars

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Here is what our customers are saying about their experiences with Purple Extreme!


Purple Extreme is clearly above and beyond all lubes. At Peak Bike Shop in N.Y., we’ve turned out hundreds of tune-ups and overhauls using Purple Extreme on high-end road and mountain bikes, downhill, x-country, bmx, spin, touring and kids bikes. All our customers rave that their bikes never worked smoother or better! Of course, it always helps to sell a bottle of Purple Extreme to customers purchasing new bikes. Its great to have them treat their bikes to the best from the very beginning.

We gave out sample sizes of Purple Extreme at the opening of a new mountain bike park boasting log jams, rock jumps, mud and sand. We have had riders who previously frequented other shops stop by to thank us for the great tip. The word on the trails and on the street is that this lube is the greatest stuff.

We’ve even used it on tune-ups of all spin bikes at local gyms. The bikes may not be exposed to the elements, but the Purple Extreme stands the test of relentless sweat. Numerous clients asked if the bikes were brand new.

Obviously, we use Purple Extreme on all of our own personal bikes. We’ve experienced smooth gear changes and no chain suck on varied terrain mountain bike trails. Having completed 10 road century rides this year with only two applications, this stuff lasts forever.

Using anything else other than Purple Extreme would only give you performance anxiety.

Just after we typed this testimonial, a customer walked in raving and said how his gears worked as smooth as glass because of the Purple Extreme. We really believe in this product.
Gerald Emerson
Peak Bikes
Queens, NY

A tenner for four ounces of oil. Aye right. That's what I thought when Purple Extreme first arrived at the shop. Especially after having been stung by expensive American lubes before. Lubes that had come with glowing reviews but washed off in one Scottish weekend. Lubes that had presumably been tested in Arizona where it hadn't rained since 1948.

Then I learned that Purple Extreme was imported into the UK by James Towlson, one-time Edinburgh Bicycle shop manager and one of the most honest stand-up guys you'll ever meet. James who often rides 60 miles a day, and was always happy to pay top dollar for his gear, as long as it performed for a very long time. James who has 15-year old Mavic gears and 20 year-old Campy brakes on his bike.

Then I learned that Purple Extreme was originally formulated in Houston Texas to protect drive trains on offshore oil rigs so it could withstand conditions even more extreme than you could subject your bike to.

Then you try it and it goes on dry, yet one application lasts around 400 miles so one wee bottle should last around 7,000. Then when you consider that it can easily cost £100 to replace a modest bicycle transmission, worn prematurely because of inadequate lubrication, a tenner for a wee bottle of lube sounds like cheap insurance.
Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative, Scotland
Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Leeds, Newcastle

Thank you for turning me onto Purple Extreme. Although I don't have to explain the benefits to you, let me at least share my experience.

I replaced my chain and applied Purple Extreme instead of my usual flavor of lube. What I discovered over the next hundred miles or so was eye opening to say the least. I ride a mix of road, dirt and single track all with my mountain bike.
Initially I noticed that my chain was not as dirty as it usually gets after rides. Then I started noticing little subtleties in the performance of my chain.
Here's an example. During 2 days of riding I traveled 45 miles of single track (semi wet conditions with some mud), 25 miles of gravel road and 14 miles of asphalt. And a lot of mud along the way too. I washed my bike and cleaned my chain between rides and didn't bother to re-lube. That's when it hit me, I never experienced any chain suck or the typical results you get from a dry chain that doesn't want to go where the shifter is telling it to go.

There's more I could say but here's the bottom line. if you're looking for an all purpose lube that doesn't attract dust & debris like fly paper attracts flies, one that reduces friction and improves shifting then purple extreme is what you're looking for. The fact it's biodegradable doesn't hurt either.
Thanks again,
Bill Masters

Houston, Texas

I have been using Purple Extreme now for the last year. I have been wonderfully impressed by the product. I first tried it by just slapping it on without cleaning my drive train and found it to only last three or four track sessions. Well, as most men I didn't read the back of the bottle when I got it. After getting frustrated with the stuff I then noticed that it said you have to clean the whole drive train before applying it. So I thought what the heck, I'll give it a shot. I have to say I have never been so impressed in a lube in my whole life. After following the directions I found it to last about 60% longer than anything I have ever used! This stuff is CRAZY!!! I have also noticed that I am not only having to use less lube but my chains and chain rings are lasting about 45-50% longer than ever before and I am putting more miles on them than I ever have.

I just thought that I would take a few minutes and tell you just how wonderful your product really is. I have seen companies boast how their products will out last anything else on the market and protect the bike more than anything else as well, but I have to say that NOTHING else on the market even comes close to the performance of Purple Extreme. Bravo!!!!
Jared Beesley
Team Corima
Team Daniel Boone Cycles
Team APA

My name is Patrick Uphill. My wife Susan rides for Team Kenda Tire. She tells me you'd like proof we use Purple Extreme. I'm happy to oblige. I'm definitely not the type to shill for a product; however, Purple Extreme is the best bike lube I've ever used bar none. In fact, I've asked our team manager about getting Purple Extreme for our guys.
--Two incidents stand out: We were caught a few weeks back in a nasty thunderstorm about 25 miles from home. Our bikes and ourselves were covered in road grime, sand, etc. However, the drive train stayed clean and worked flawlessly under those tough conditions.
Another time, I got a big chainring tattoo across the white panel on the front of my prized 2003 Team Bianchi jersey. Ouch. However, some cheap laundry detergent took up the stain without any trouble. I would've been out the $75 I paid for the jersey if I'd used another lube.
Sincerely yours,
Patrick Uphill
Media director
Team Hampsten Cycles

I purchased some Purple Extreme at Waco last year. It's the best lube I've come across, no grunge buildup, long lasting and easy cleanup. That"s why I'm ordering two. I'm almost out of my first bottle. Purple Extreme lasts longer than other lubes I've tried. There is a tendency to use too much until you realize how long it lasts. Thanks for a great product!
Charlie Goodrich
Southport, North Carolina

This week has been particularly wet here in Santa Cruz. The first storm usually brings out all the junk onto the roads--sand, dirt, mud, oils, etc.-- which makes it extra hard on the chain and drive train. Again, your product proved amazing under these conditions. With Prolink, I had to wash and reapply after each bad weather ride.

With Purple Extreme, I can go 3-4 rides with one good application. If the chain is dirty, I just rinse it off and towel & air dry and it's good to go the next morning.

The feedback is the same from others on the team.
Kam Zardouzian
Raceplan Coaching & Racing
San Diego, California

Two statements from Jason Sager:

Thanks Bruce! I'm on my way back from racing in Birmingham - the purple stuff did a great job at the race, where keeping the chain running is always a challenge because of multiple creek crossings and the water holds a lot of sand.

I wanted to say a bit about the stellar results I had with PE this past weekend at the Park City, Utah NORBA national - this course is well known for its destructive dust - everyone's chains are hurting after only 1hr of racing - except for mine. I've been careful to clean the chain completely, then treat it with PE - and even after 30 miles in a dusty cloud - smooth and quiet pedaling action!
Thanks again,
Jason Sager

Durango, Colorado

A friend of mine, Bruce Gilbert, has an excellent chain lube product that he is bringing to market. It is like no other you have used. Over the last 2 years, I have used this product exclusively, and I can attest to 800 miles or more between applications...and it runs clean too! Being the only product that actually works that well, it should be an easy sell for whomever should rep it. I think that you would want to consider marketing this lubricant. This is an excellent opportunity.
Paul Forsythe
USA Cycling Elite Coach
Manager Jamba Juice Cycling Team

Purple extreme is the best chain lubricant I have ever used. I don't know how many miles I get out of it. What impresses me the most is how clean my chain, cassette and chainrings stay. There is just none of the black gunk on my bike that collects when I use other lubricants. I've been telling folks for a while that Purple Extreme will eventually run all the other chain lubricants off the market. Purple Extreme is so superior and so different that there really is no comparison. Purple Extreme is in a class by itself.
Scott Newsom
Pearland Cycling Club
Pearland, Texas

As someone who works on bikes daily (usually having already been badly neglected), I have to say that Purple Extreme is by far the best lube I have ever used. Many lubes will float on top of a chain, without ever soaking in to the vital parts of the links. Purple Extreme, within minutes, is soaking deep into the chain. I also use it on cables, housing, and often times as a polish.
Planetary Cycles
Houston, Texas

I wanted to send you a line to let you know how well your Purple Extreme chain lube works. I saw you at Interbike back in October and you gave me a sample and you told me "to do my worst to anything". So I put some PE on a new chain and I dunked it in a salt water canal (I live in the Florida Keys) then I layed it on the dash of my van. I dunked it again a week later (without adding more lube) and set it back on the dash of my van. It has been a month or so now and there's not any rust to be seen. Very impressive. Down here in the "Keys" everything rusts, even stainless steel and aluminum ( actually they oxidize ). But they don't with your product on them. Thanks for having such a great lube/rust inhibitor to purchase.
Marty Baird
Big Pine Bicycle

I love the stuff for AZ chains. Super dry here so most stuff evaporates, but not yours.
Jacqui Lockwood
Team Kenda Tire

Hey Bruce
This weekend should be a good test on the lube due to the fact that the course is really gritty from what I have heard. I think that Ill lube again in about another 300 miles 600 hundred might have been pushing it but I guess it’s all about high mileage so I wanted to test it and test it I did. Best lube ever so far is all everyone is saying on the team. Talk to you soon,
Matt Milton
Team Supercede
Northern Calfornia


Windy City Sports, March 2004 issue
There are many types of lubes available for all different conditions, some of them are rather expensive and don’t work all that well. I like Purple Extreme – a single application can last up to 700 miles where other lubes need reapplication after 150-200 miles depending on conditions.
Debbie Dust
Team Kenda Tire
Cat 1 USAC racer
Cycling Columnist

We have an extreme use for Purple Extreme, which dramatically demonstrates its effectiveness. Our shop sells the Pedal Paddle, an aquatic bike which is essentially a basic mountain bike connected to two pontoons by a metal framework.
The Pedal Paddle is ridden on water and the drivetrain is constantly wet while in use. Regular chain lubes wash off fairly quickly and the chain has to be relubricated with them after every ride. However with Purple Extreme, one application has lasted for more than 12 hours of use with no hint of rust on the chain. And the chain is still lubricated but also quite clean. It all
sounds contradictory but, amazingly, it works!
John Wright
Pro Bike, Inc.
Oklahoma City


Purple Extreme was a huge hit on RAGBRAI. I gave 100 samples to each shop (1200 total) I saw people using it everywhere. I heard people talking about it in the host towns and within the charter I rode with. RAGBRAI attracts people from all 50 states, so this should help sales growth everywhere. We used it when working on bikes within the charter I rode with (370 people). We had two days of rain (1 of those days we rode a gravel road in the rain) Needless to say, everyone was impressed.
I did have to relube my chain after the first rain, but I had ridden almost 500 miles since the previous application. No problems after that.

Thank You,
Dan Jennings

I’ve been using Purple Extreme since the beginning of its introduction into the Houston Area.
Previous chain lubricants I have used were White Lightening, Pro-Link and Tri-Flow.
I can ride 400 to 600 miles before I even need to think about re-applying, the chain stays clean. Other chain lubes simply start to collect dust and grime the moment you start to pedal, thus causing more fiction on the chain and cassette reducing the life of the components.
The life of my chain is definitely longer as a result of Purple Extreme, the product doesn’t allow the build up of road grime on the chain.
Follow the directions in applying the Purple Extreme product to your chain. You will definitely have positive results.
Alice Jones
Southern Elite Race Team
Houston, Texas

Dear Bruce:

The reason I am writing is to let you know how much I loved your product.

During USA Cycling’s Midwest/South Central Regional Mountain Bike Development Camp, I used your bike lube, and it was the best product I have ever used. When I first read about everything the product was supposed to do, I found it hard to believe, but I decided to use it anyway.
When I ran the development camp in Fayetteville, Arkansas this summer, my mountain bike was exposed to 3 days of rain, and we rode in a variety of dusty and muddy courses. Throughout all of this, the initial application of your lube that I put on my chain during the first day of the week-long camp worked perfectly throughout the entire week.
Unlike other lubes that I have used in the past, with your product, my chain did not accumulate any dust or sand, and everything ran smoothly.
I also found that your product did not stain my riding clothing. Normally, when I have used other lubes, if it is raining, I end up getting a black streak on my jersey back. Despite everything I do to clean the clothing, because it is mixed with oil and dirt, the items end up being permanently stained. In contrast, when I used Purple Extreme, I was able to easily clean my racing jersey.
I think you have a great product, and I am glad to personally learn that everything you say about it is absolutely true. I understand that your lube can also be used in cable housing, so the next time I bring my bike to my mechanic, I will definitely ask him to apply it on all of my 5 bicycles.
Thanks for a great product,
Leonardo Campos-Moya
USA Cycling Development Camp Manager
USA Cycling Expert Coach & NORBA National Commissaire
Green Bay, WI

I have been using Purple Extreme for about a year now, first in the testing phase and now as a customer. I ride about 800 miles a month in all kinds of conditions. Purple Extreme runs silently, delivers over 600 miles of life per application and provides a noticeable increase in the service life of my equipment.
In the past I have used various lubes but could never find one that "worked"
Purple Extreme is different - but more importantly chain is more supple making riding easier.
Eddie McLean
Northwest Cycling Club
Houston, Texas


Purple Extreme is by far the best chain lube I have ever used. Very easy to apply and great on cables as well… you will love this product. I have been using this product on all of my bicycles since April 2004.
I ride 300- 400 miles per week and race 30 + times per year.
Before Purple Extreme I had been using quite a few different lubes in the past and never satisfied. Now I am satisfied. Purple Extreme lasts much longer between applications.

I live in the Los Angeles, CA area, near the beach. The beach and the salt in the air is very corrosive on all moving parts. Now my chains are lasting much longer
Richard Meeker, US Postal Masters Cycling Team.

After a very muddy 18-mile race at Huntsville, the only piece of my bike that wasn't completely covered in mud was my chain, which I had prepared with Purple Extreme the night before the race. Two weeks later, I rode my bike again without cleaning it. The drivetrain worked perfectly.
Eric Reisdorf
Houston, Texas

We got a sample bottle at Sea Otter and liked it so much we bought several bottles. We have been riding all summer at Big Bear, Mammoth, Whistler, etc in all types of conditions and your stuff rocks! No messy build up and it keeps on lubing.

Chris and Alex Falkenstein


I have been using Purple Extreme for quite sometimes now. I started using it as soon as I got the first sample bottle in September 2003. That was last year, when Purple Extreme was still a project on the drawing board and Bruce was so enthusiastic about it… that I had to try it.

I have used just about everything in terms of lubes: Pedro Ice Wax, While Lightning, Race Day, KryTech. In some conditions those lubes did their job OK, but it's no fun when you have to lube your chain EVERYTIME before a ride and by the end of the ride there is squealing. Wax-based lubes do poorly at cold temperatures. Oil based lubes do poorly in sandy, dusty conditions. Both do poorly in wet and/or mud.

Gosh, I ride a lot. Some weeks 25+ hours, some weeks less. I think about 15,000 miles a year. I go by time, not distance, so it's kinda hard to estimate distance. I race a lot. Last year I took to 42 starts. Road and MTB combined.

I now live in Boulder, CO in spring and summer. The rest of the year I spend it part time in Boulder, and in Houston, TX. I race mostly in my home states, but I go elsewhere if I can.

In Houston the humidity and salty atmosphere are an issue for road; dusty and dry mud trails are the norm when off road. Lots of grime to pick up. In Boulder, rain and cold temperatures are also a problem. You are guaranteed to be sprinkled on every day if you climb over 7,000' - which I do daily, I live at 7,500'. Trails in Colorado are also very dry and dusty and there are many creek crossings. It' s tough on the drive train.

My chains (MTB and Road) seem to be in a good shape all the time. Wear seems to be much kinder using Purple extreme. I never hear squealing from my chain, even when I climb above 12,000 ft and I am freezing my bootie off in drizzling rain. My chain makes it through quite clean and shifting well at the end of the MTB races. I got a spot higher on the podium at NORBA Nationals in part because the girl in front of me started having shifting problems after a creek crossing. I took advantage of it. Also, when it's necessary to clean my chains the job is much easier. Never too much grime to take off. The chains look always clean -but not dry. I also use the lube on my derailleur pivots to keep them moving smooth. So far, so good. I occasionally used the lube on cables. I cannot say that it makes a difference in shifting, because I could not tell, but my cables are staying "fluid" throughout some tough conditions, so I guess that Purple Extreme does help with keeping them clean and slippery.

In general, the drive train looks cleaner, chain rings and cassette look good, with no accumulated grime or signs of wear.

I think Purple Extreme is very different from other lubes. It stays cleaner on the chain, it attracts less grime and it last much longer between applications than anything else I ever tried. I usually go two or three weeks between road applications -even after the drizzling rains. I can get 3-6 rides on my MTB between applications -it depends on conditions. The performance in wet conditions is awesome! I have never used anything that lasts this long. I also like so much the ability to lube the pivots on my derailleur and see them stay clean and smooth. I do like Purple Extreme a whole lot.
Steffi N. Penco, UCI PRO (Italy)
Colnago/Velo Bella

I've had Purple Extreme on my bike for the last eight hundred miles or so and it has kept my drive train running smooth and silent. Of course, it has the added benefit of keeping grit off my chain and as far as I can tell It has prolonged the life of my chain as well. If I had to sum it up I'd say it works as well or better then any other lube I've used, honestly!
Joe Horvath
Team Hampsten Cycles

A durability story: I lubed the chains on my and my daughter's road bikes on July 15, then we rode the STP (Seattle-to-Portland Classic) 206 miles. We are still riding about 40 miles a week and neither of us have had to relube. It’s now September 8th over 6 weeks later!

One customer with Campy Chorus 10spd was complaining of chain noise (using a Connex Whipperman 10spd stainless steel chain). He applied PE and is completely won over to it.
Paul Ahart
Island Bicycles
Friday Harbor, WA

Dear Purple Extreme,
I have been using your chain lube on both my road and mountain bikes and I am very pleased with the performance of your product. My chains stay cleaner and run quieter for longer than any of the lubes I have used. You make a wonderful product!

Paul G. Rytlewski
USA Cycling Expert Coach
Team Hampsten Cycles

I have been using Purple Extreme for a few months, and have been very pleased at how well it works. About the cleanest lube I've ever used, it also lasts well beyond any other lube I've tried.

After trying all the other stuff on the market, I will stick with Purple Extreme.
Dan Douglas
Chilliwack BC Canada



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