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Purple Extreme 4 Ounce Bottle
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Purple Extreme, or EP ULTRA, 4 Ounce Bottle - $14.99

Shipping & Handling - $7.15 (1-3 bottles) for USA ONLY. Other countries, different rates apply

TOTAL - $22.14 (plus applicable sales taxes)

Best Value in Lubrication!

Purple Extreme, 4 Ounce Bottle - $14.99
Purple Extreme 4 Ounce Bottle

Purple Extreme delivers about 4 times the mileage compared to most other chain lubricants. Based on about $8 a bottle for many lubes that yield around 125 miles per application, using Purple Extreme actually costs about one third.Why pay three times the price for less protection, all of the grime and more frequent drivetrain cleanings? Purple Extreme makes sense to your pocketbook as well as your bike.

EP ULTRA, 4 Ounce Bottle $14.99
(plus S&H and applicable sales tax)

EP ULTRA - The next generation, ultra high mileage, extreme pressure chain lubricant with maximum film strength! EP ULTRA represents a quantum leap in lubrication for the bicycles. Based upon the highly proven idea that an extreme pressure additive, combined with a strong penetrating solvent is a superior combination for lubricating an open gear mechanism, EP ULTRA goes a few steps further. First, it works for a long period of time, in any condition that you will want to ride a bike. Second, it stays extremely clean, all the way through the life of the application. Gone are the days of the chainring tattoo on your leg, black greasy hands, or ruined upholstery from putting the bike into the car. There is no wax, no oil, no PTFE, or anything else to attract dirt and create a filthy drivetrain.

Bike Medicine Chainholder $21.00
(plus S&H and applicable sales tax)
This is the easiest to use, longest lasting chain holder we have ever seen. It is the standard for pro team mechanics. The hub is solid machined aluminum and will last for many years. Made in the USA. Now Through-axle compatible!If you order one with your Purple Extreme, we will send both for the same S&H.

Bike Medicine Golden Degreaser

  • Industrial strength performance for maximum efficiency
  • Ultra fast degreasing and cleaning action
  • Ultra fast water wash-off
  • Non-poisonous and biodegradable
  • Convenient folding spout, dispenses a controlled flow
  • Makes short work of the toughest drivetrain cleanup problems that cycling has to offer Eight ounces is enough to clean 16 road or MTB drivetrains
  • Makes bike cleanings very fast and very easy
  • The perfect companion product for Purple Extreme
    $10.49 (plus S&H and applicable sales tax)

Bike Medicine SpeedBrush

We have found a brush that we are really happy with. It gets to all of the drivetrain parts to help remove buildup and deposits. Our SpeedBrush will turn a nasty cleanup chore into a pleasant job. Your hand is protected by a secure top grip to help prevent contact with the chainring teeth.The SpeedBrush features a high-count dual bristle design to produce the maximum cleaning efficiency per stroke.
$4.25 (plus S&H and applicable sales tax)

Bike Medicine SoapBrush

This is the best brush we have ever found for delivering soap and water to the bike. The bristles are Tampico with an 8 1/2 inch face to produce a rugged brush that will really move the water and still be gentle to painted surfaces. The handle is molded plastic to last a long time. Speeds up the bike cleaning process and saves a lot of time
$9 (plus S&H and applicable sales tax)

Bike Medicine SBH Brush

NEW!!! The SBH Brush. The perfect addition to speed up bike cleanings. Designed to quickly clean spokes, brakes and hubs. Made tough for many years of service. Chemical resistant, strong and just the right size. The six inch bristle portion and 5 inch handle makes the SBH Brush an ideal tool for fast work in restricted spaces.
$9 (plus S&H and applicable sales tax)

Bike Medicine SpeedSaw
The perfect tool for cleaning out mountain bike cassettes! Makes short work of mud, grass and tangled debris between those big cogs

$4 (plus S&H and applicable sales tax)

The Bike Medicine Gift Assortment
Super clean a bike in 10 minutes flat. Then keep it running clean and smooth for 400 miles+. The perfect gift for any cyclist.
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4 Ounce Purple Extreme
8 Ounce Golden Degreaser
Bike Medicine ChainHolder
Bike Medicine SpeedBrush
One Purple Extreme Sample
Elete Water Sample
Small Parts & Chain Cleaner Tub
$4999 (plus S&H and applicable sales tax)

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To Order Call

1-866-286-LUBE (5823) TOLL FREE

or 281-561-7499

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EP ULTRA - The Next Generation Lubricant for the 21st century

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