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Bike Medicine Contact information
Bike Medicine
10511A Windsor Lane, Suite 103
Houston, TX 77031
(281) 561-7499 Local or non-order calls
(866) 286-5823 Toll Free for orders only For general email contact

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, CST
Saturday & Sunday CLOSED

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American Cycling (California)
United Bicycle Supply (Oregon)
Wilson Bicycle Sales (California)
Babac (Eastern Canada)
Great Western Bicycle (Western Canada)
Fine-adc (UK, Ireland, Europe)
Practical Parts Ltd (Australia)
Ballistic Bike Trading (South Africa)
Hans Johnsen (Texas)
J&B Importers (Nationwide)
KHS (California & Kentucky)

New warehouse and offices for 2010

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Setting The New Standard

EP ULTRA - The Next Generation Lubricant for the 21st century

Industrial research and development has produced the world's most advanced chain lube for bikes.