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Exclusive Performance Advantages of Purple Extreme:

High Mileage - Long Lasting
Purple Extreme forms an extremely durable, long lasting film, which eliminates the need for frequent application. Most cyclists experience 400+ miles of road riding between applications of Purple Extreme. Off road mileage will vary, of course. Just one 4 ounce bottle can provide nearly 7,000 miles of smooth running and protection from wear. That makes Purple Extreme the best value in the bike chain lubrication business.

PURPLE EXTREME prevents chainwear from the inside out!

Easily Applied
Apply Purple Extreme by simply dripping it onto the chain while you rotate the cranks. The carrier solvent will carry the active ingredients through all of the parts of the chain. Be certain to thoroughly clean your chain BEFORE using Purple Extreme. It will dissolve other lubricants, but the dirt and grit will still be there. Aside from a proper degreasing and a strong liquid flush, there is virtually nothing that will clean the grit out of a chain. See the bike cleaning page for tips and instructions to get professional cleaning results for your bike, every time. Remember, a clean bike is a sign of peace of mind!

Excellent for dusty, muddy or salty environments
Purple Extreme does not collect dust and protects against abrasive wear. Purple Extreme was designed for conditions far worse than you would ever want to subject a bike to.

Stops Wear - Works Clean
The tenacious extreme pressure lubricating film of Purple Extreme also protects heavily loaded surfaces. Purple Extreme is a thixotrophic lubricant. It works by softening in consistency as a result of shearing followed by a hardening in consistency starting immediately after the shearing is stopped. Purple Extreme stays in place after it dries. Many riders do indoor stationary trainer workouts. Wax lubes can shed off small beads of material as the chain spins. The shedding action can make a serious mess on the floor around your trainer after a while. Purple Extreme stays put to keep on working where you need it.

Excellent Corrosion Protection
Purple Extreme effectively helps prevent rust and corrosion in all situations, including salt spray and acidic environments. It is also excellent for preserving equipment parts during periods of extended storage. But unlike wax, it is a long lasting durable lubricant.

Environmentally Responsible
Purple Extreme biodegrades to leave only small quantities of Calcium Carbonate and Calcium Sulfate, both of which are naturally occurring, pure minerals.
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